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Fredericton-based Quantiphi Sets Up Center of Excellence in New Brunswick


Fredericton-based AI digital engineering company Quantiphi has expanded by opening a Center of Excellence in New Brunswick.

Quantiphi is an award-winning AI-first digital engineering company and has expanded their operation in Fredericton to meet the growing demand for AI and generative AI enterprise solutions through Opportunities New Brunswick (ONB) support.

The Center of Excellence will help Quantiphi’s New Brunswick team to expand and fulfil the demand for AI, generative AI and machine learning solutions.

Numerous roles across the region will be made available to help Quantiphi deliver even more cutting-edge generative AI solutions through the expansion.

Quantiphi Center of Excellence in New Brunswick

Quantiphi Co-Founder Asif Hasan said: “Leveraging the talent and technical expertise in New Brunswick will bolster our enterprise service offerings and fuel ongoing innovation,” Hasan said.

“The global AI market, valued at $140 billion in 2022, is projected to exceed $400 billion by 2027.

“With a projected 40 percent increase in demand for AI and machine learning specialists over the next five years, Quantiphi is well positioned to drive this momentum forward, backed by more than a decade of AI market leadership.”

Quantiphi Atlantic Canada Delivery Head Greg Phillips added: “We’re augmenting our delivery operations to support our business units through a ‘New-Brunswick-first’ recruitment approach, prioritizing local talent and also establishing teams through existing Quantiphi employee relocation.

ONB Support For Quantiphi

ONB are providing financial assistance of up to $4.9 million to support Quantiphi’s Canadian expansion in New Brunswick through 2028.

Post-secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Greg Turner, who is also responsible for ONB, said he is excited about Quantiphi’s growth in New Brunswick and the opportunities it will create.

“Quantiphi’s commitment to its AI-first strategy and North American growth will further establish New Brunswick as a key player in the AI and tech sectors,” Turner said.

“We are pleased to see that Quantiphi recognizes the benefits of developing their technology right here in New Brunswick.”

About Quantiphi

Quantiphi is an award-winning AI-first digital engineering company driven by the desire to reimagine and realize transformational opportunities at the heart of the business.

Since its inception in 2013, Quantiphi has solved the toughest and most complex business problems by combining deep industry experience, disciplined cloud and data-engineering practices, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence research to achieve accelerated and quantifiable business results.