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Michelin Star Restaurants In New Brunswick, Canada


Wondering are there any Michelin star restaurants in New Brunswick, Canada? Well, the answer is sadly none – although there are still high class eateries in the province.

Currently, there are no Michelin star restaurants in New Brunswick but Canada is home to a number of acclaimed restaurants.

The Michelin Guide, which awards Michelin stars, has expanded its coverage to various cities worldwide, including some locations in Canada, but New Brunswick has not been included in the areas that the guide covers.

The first Michelin stars awarded in Canada were given to restaurants in Toronto, with a total of 13 receiving stars and 17 more being awarded Bib Gourmands for offering great value​​.

This introduction marked a significant milestone for Canada’s culinary scene, acknowledging Toronto’s diverse and high-quality food offerings.

Additionally, the Michelin Guide announced plans to release a guide for Vancouver before the end of the 2024, indicating an ongoing expansion within Canada​​.

List Of Michelin Star Restaurants In Canada

Canada’s Michelin-starred restaurants are all located in Toronto. The guide awarded one restaurant two stars and twelve others received one star each.

Notable mentions include Sushi Masaki Saito with two stars, and Alo and Alobar, both owned by Chef Patrick Kriss, receiving one star each.

Other single-star recipients include Quetzal, Osteria Giulia, Enigma Yorkville, Edulis, Aburi Hana, Don Alfonso 1890, Frilu, Kaiseki Yu-zen Hashimoto, Shoushin and Yukashi.

What Is A Michelin Star Restaurant?

A Michelin star is an accolade awarded by the Michelin Guide to restaurants for their quality. The stars are highly sought after in the culinary world.

One star signifies “a very good restaurant,” two stars are “excellent cooking that is worth a detour,” and three stars mean “exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey.”

Restaurants are anonymously reviewed by Michelin inspectors, who consider the quality of the ingredients, the skill in preparing them and combining flavors, the chef’s personality in the cuisine, the value for money, and the consistency between visits.

What Is A Bib Gourmands Restaurant?

A Bib Gourmand award from the Michelin Guide signifies good quality, good value cooking.

Restaurants receiving this accolade offer multiple courses for a certain price point (varies by country), showcasing their ability to provide diners with both excellent and affordable meals.

The Bib Gourmand is a step below the Michelin star rating but is highly respected for highlighting eateries where one can enjoy great food without spending a lot of money.