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Moncton-based Breathe BioMedical Names Dr Rachel Brem as Executive Director and Chief Medical Officer

Breathe BioMedical

Moncton-based Breathe BioMedical (BBM) has announced the appointment of Dr Rachel Brem to the company’s Board of Directors in a newly appointed role of Executive Director and Chief Medical Officer.

Dr Brem, a distinguished figure in the realm of breast cancer research and Director of the Breast Imaging and Interventional Center at George Washington University, brings her expertise to BBM.

She said: “The team at BBM is developing technology that will address the challenges of early breast cancer detection to further decrease breast cancer mortality. I look forward to joining BBM to support their development in the breast cancer field.”

BBM CEO Bill Dawes added: “Dr. Brem is a renowned radiologist and researcher in the breast cancer field. Her story is incredibly inspiring and her passion and drive to find early, accessible methods for breast cancer detection is directly aligned with our work and mission at BBM.

“We are excited to have Dr. Brem’s leadership at the Executive Director level to lead our Clinical and Regulatory strategy as our Chief Medical Officer.”

As a leader in both clinical and research fields, Dr Brem is celebrated for her extensive contributions, including over 120 peer-reviewed publications.

She is also the author of the acclaimed book “No Longer Radical: Understanding Mastectomies and Choosing the Breast Cancer Care that’s Right for You,” published by Simon and Schuster in 2023.

Her personal journey as a breast cancer survivor and her roles as an advocate and clinician have earned her accolades such as Top Cancer Doctor by Newsweek and Best American Physician.

Throughout her illustrious career, Dr. Brem has been at the forefront of introducing and enhancing innovative technologies in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Her work in artificial intelligence, molecular breast imaging, and ultrasound tomography has significantly improved patient outcomes.

At BBM, Dr. Brem will play a pivotal role in developing a groundbreaking, noninvasive breath test aimed at detecting breast cancer, particularly in women with dense breast tissue.

Her profound understanding of breast cancer, especially in the context of dense breast tissue, positions her perfectly to spearhead and support BBM’s initiatives.

Dr. Brem’s unique experiences and insights are invaluable as BBM progresses with its clinical studies on this revolutionary technology.

In addition to her new role at BBM, Dr. Brem serves as the Chief Medical Officer of the Brem Foundation, a 501(c) 3 organization she founded nearly two decades ago.

Inspired by her mission and life story, the Brem Foundation is dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer. It emphasizes education, health equity, and advocacy at both local and national levels, playing a crucial role in the enactment of breast cancer legislation.

The Foundation’s commitment to maximizing the chances of early detection and treatment of breast cancer aligns seamlessly with BBM’s mission, making Dr. Brem’s involvement a natural and impactful union.

Dr. Brem received her medical degree from Colombia University, completing an internship in internal medicine at Sinai Hospital and her residency in radiology at John Hopkins Hospital.

About Breathe BioMedical

Breathe BioMedical (BBM) is a medical technology company focused on developing an accurate breath test to detect early-stage breast cancer in women.

Breath analytics involves the collection, processing, and analysis of breath samples to identify biomarker patterns associated with specific diseases.

BBM is located in Moncton, New Brunswick and its US subsidiary is located in Boston, Massachusetts. One day, detecting disease may be as easy as breathing.