Rising Levels of Pollution to Trigger Global Demand for Glutathione Market

Brooklyn, NY — 11/06/2017 — Glutathione is an important antioxidant found in plants, fungi, animals, and some bacteria and archaea. It is identified to be a vital youth-supporting compound and therefore, has a strong demand across the global supplements market. Globally, there is an increasing desire among people to appear and feel younger. This trend plays an instrumental role in the development of the global supplement market and thus, the global market for glutathione. As per the findings of the report, the production of glutathione was 399.6 mn tons in 2016.

The increasing levels of pollution are resulting in the greater exposure to toxins, which would drastically reduce the amount of glutathione naturally synthesized with the human body. In attempts to keep the level of the antioxidant in balance, consumers will increasingly rely on the external sources of glutathione. Moreover, the rising stress levels in the wake of busy lifestyles and growing health-consciousness among consumers are stoking the growth of the market. On the flip side, the lack of awareness regarding glutathione-rich supplements is adversely affecting the growth of the market. Nevertheless, players operating in the market are making efforts to raise awareness regarding such products, which is likely to stimulate the global demand for glutathione.

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The report, for a better understanding, segments the global glutathione market on the basis of form, product, applications, and geography. Each segment is reviewed in terms of revenue, market share, growth rate, and volume. Based on product, the market can be divided into liposomal glutathione, L- glutathione, and acetyl-glutathione. By form, the market can be bifurcated into reduced and oxidized. In terms of application, the market can be categorized into health products, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, and others. From the geographical standpoint, the market can be classified into the United States, Japan, Europe, and China.

The majority of players in the global glutathione market are focusing towards product differentiation in order to stay ahead. Several key players are adopting collaborations and partnerships as go-to strategies to maintain their position in the market. Besides this, players are also banking on unconventional production technologies, which is projected to unfold immense opportunities for the growth of the market. With the demand for glutathione following a healthy growth trajectory, the competitive rivalry in the market is likely to intensify in the near future.

Some of the prominent participants in the global glutathione market are Shandong Jincheng Biological Pharmaceutical, Kaiping Genuine Biochemical Pharmaceutical, Kyowa Hakko Bio, KOHJIN Life Sciences, and Shenzhen GSH Bio-tech, with the Kyowa Hakko Bio being the torch bearer in the global landscape.

Table of Contents

1 Industry Overview1
1.1 Definition and Specifications of Glutathione1
1.1.1 Definition of Glutathione1
1.1.2 Specifications of Glutathione2
1.2 Classification of Glutathione3
1.2.1 Reduced Glutathione (GSH)4
1.2.2 Oxidized Glutathione (GSSG)5
1.3 Applications of Glutathione5
1.3.1 Pharmaceuticals6
1.3.2 Health Products7
1.3.3 Cosmetics8
1.3.4 Food9
1.4 Industry Chain Structure of Glutathione11
1.5 Industry Overview of Glutathione11
1.6 Industry Policy Analysis of Glutathione11
1.7 Industry News Analysis of Glutathione13

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2 Manufacturing Cost Structure Analysis of Glutathione15
2.1 Raw Material Suppliers and Price Analysis of Glutathione15
2.1.1 Sugar15
2.1.2 Yeast18
2.1.3 Ammonia20
2.1.4 BOM Price Analysis of Glutathione21
2.2 Equipment Suppliers Analysis of Glutathione22
2.3 Labor Cost Analysis of Glutathione25
2.3.1 USA Labor Cost Analysis25
2.3.2 Europe Labor Costs Analysis27
2.3.3 China Labor Costs Analysis29
2.3.4 Canada Labor Costs Analysis30
2.3.5 Mexico Labor Costs Analysis31
2.3.6 Brazil Labor Costs Analysis31
2.4 Other Costs Analysis of Glutathione32
2.4.1 USA Other Cost Analysis32 USA Cost of Electricity Analysis32 USA Water Cost Analysis33
2.4.2 Europe Other Cost Analysis34 Europe Cost of Electricity Analysis34 Europe Water Cost Analysis35
2.4.3 China Other Cost Analysis35 China Cost of Electricity Analysis35 China Water Cost Analysis37
2.5 Manufacturing Process Analysis of Glutathione37

3 Global Glutathione Sales, Sales Price and Market Size (Volume and Value) 2011-2016 Analysis40
3.1 Global 2011-2016 Glutathione Market Size Analysis40
3.2 Global 2011-2016 Glutathione Sales Price Analysis41
3.3 Global 2011-2016 Glutathione Sales by Brand42
3.4 Global 2011-2016 Glutathione Sales by Product Type42
3.5 Global 2011-2016 Glutathione Sales by Applications44
3.6 Global 2011-2016 Glutathione Sales by Region45

4 United States Glutathione Sales, Sales Price and Market Size (Volume and Value) 2011-2016 Analysis47
4.1 United States 2011-2016 Glutathione Market Size Analysis47
4.2 United States 2011-2016 Glutathione Sales Price Analysis49
4.3 United States 2011-2016 Glutathione Sales by Brand49
4.4 United States 2011-2016 Glutathione Sales by Product Type50
4.5 United States 2011-2016 Glutathione Sales by Applications51
4.6 United States 2011-2016 Glutathione Regional Import Export Analysis53
4.7 United States End Users with Contact Information of Glutathione by Applications53

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