Affordable Cleaning Business Looking to Expand to Long Island, N.Y.

New York, NY November 10, 2017 – For anyone who’s ever wanted to get a thorough residential cleaning without having to sacrifice their free time or buy expensive cleaning supplies, a New Jersey-based cleaning company is offering a solution. has a fleet of vans in 4 locations that brings professional cleaners and top-notch supplies to more than 4,000 clients.

The founder and owner of the six-year-old business currently is looking to expand into New York, starting with Long Island.

“It’s a great market,” said Maany Silva, founder, and CEO. “I love the community. Great demographics. We’re super excited about it.”

Silva said she is in talks with potential franchisees and expects to make an announcement soon about her Long Island expansion.

Silva founded her business in 2012. She developed a passion for cleaning while helping her mother growing up in Brazil. She worked as a professional cleaner in New Jersey while creating her business model and solidifying her proof of concept.

In 2009, she began working for an independent cleaning company while continuing to work on her own business concept. She noticed that the cleaning process had many unnecessary aspects of cleaning. She wanted to simplify the entire process so that customers would want to use her services. Many people are unaware that the traditional methods of hiring a cleaning service are quite lengthy and expensive. Her concept made the cleaning process very easy and extremely affordable so that anyone could her services.

Silva decided to create a brand that would be extremely eye-catching and affordable for people of all socioeconomic statuses. She had a large van wrapped and spotted it at local shopping centers. She was able to create a customer base immediately. People loved the concept and bright colors of the brand and booked the same day.

She hired an office manager to handle day to day operations and additional professional cleaners as her client base grew, and in 2016, she opened her headquarters in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Her goal is to create 300 franchises and become the largest professional cleaning business in the nation.

“We’re not here to compete, we’re here to win,” she said of her goals.

Franchise owners with vans travel to homes, apartments, offices, schools, daycare centers, and even senior living centers. Each van is fully stocked with professional cleaning equipment and supplies, and professional cleaners are trained to provide a variety of services, she said.

Services include residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, deep cleans, move-in and move-out cleaning, home organization, washing and folding laundry, dish washing, appliance cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, light yardwork, post-construction cleaning and hotel/motel cleaning. offers a multitude of packages to fit everyone’s budget and cleaning needs.

Silva said she heard during a recent visit to New York that Long Island is growing and would make an ideal location to launch her professional cleaning services.

“It fits so well,” she said. “The people there are great!”

To learn more about this fantastic business and their franchise opportunities, visit


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