Naarak Studio Launches New Version of Viper FTP

Viper FTP program, a software that helps macOS users to manage their local and remote files and enhance their everyday experience has been launched by Naarak Studio.

Naarak Studio Launches New Version of Viper FTP

New York, NY, January 13, 2018 — macOS users now have at their disposal a powerful file manager – Viper FTP version 4. A software developed by Naarak Studio, a reputable company offering innovative solutions for macOS, Viper FTP allows the users to manage files. The product enables users to take full advantage of services offered by FTP, SFTP, SFTP, Google Drive, YouTube, WebDav and Amazon S3. With program searching, viewing and editing files directly on a remote server using the editor of a user's choice is made easier. With its implemented functions, the program has been described as a great tool for enhancing improvements in everyday work.

For those who maintain a website, have activities which require them to upload files, documents or photos, even uploading content on their YouTube account, the new tool by Naarak Studio makes the process easy and quick.

Apart from file transfer, Viper FTP also allows the user to bookmark personal, work and social upload servers. It also makes searches of files and information on both computer and remote servers easier and fast.

For those worried about security, the developers say that Viper FTP provides high secure AES256 encryption in CBC mode of single files using password. All that the user has to do is right-click the file needed to be encrypted or decrypted and enter a password in the dialog box.

Users who want to try the program are able to evaluate it for a limited period of time for free. When they are happy and want to continue using it they can purchase a license key for extended usage. Viper FTP is also available at the App Store.

About Naarak Studio
Naarak-Studio is a software developing company offering innovative solution for macOS users with agility, flexibility and decisiveness. The company which was established more than eighteen years ago has grown to be one of the most reputable software developers, having developed software for Mac OS 9 and continuously developing future Mac OS.

Viper FTP price starts from $18.99 worldwide and can be purchased at:
the Naarak-Studio website:

and the App Store:

There is also available a free version – Viper FTP Lite. Both versions are available at the App Store.

For more information visit:

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