PRWeb or PR Newswire? Their Differences Explained

LAS VEGAS, NV – 01-12-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Whenever a need for press release distribution arises, and no choice is made yet concerning the company to contact, a search on the internet may get you confused because there are a lot of them on Google. A quick review of the services offered by some of the press release distribution services may help in the choice to make. This is a review of the services offered by PRWeb and PR Newswire. This review will help one choose either PRWeb or PRNewswire or a different press release distribution service.

PR Newswire has a variety of services. It guarantees placement in top-tier news agencies like ABC, NBC, and CBS. This saves a lot of efforts in getting media contact. There is also a guarantee that your press release will get to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In addition, they ensure that your press release will get to Google news and Bing news. With PR Newswire, you are sure of getting the attention of Journalists and Reporters. All these services are offered at the price of $775.PRWeb is also one of the good press release distribution companies. It is cheaper in both pricing. PRWeb has the top tier package, which is the premium package that guarantees placement to only 150 media sites. Any other package by PRWeb may not cross their website. There is no guarantee that your Press release will get to news agencies, talk more search engines.Some other Press release distribution companies like Press Release Jet offers all of the same services as PR Newswire with much easier and more cost-effective plans for only $99. Sometimes, cheap plans are related to low quality but in this case, Press Release Jet, which is cheaper, is more superior in services. It guarantees placement in over 350 media sites. Press Release Jet also provides guidance in confusing areas like how to incorporate good SEO and how to write a press release for specific purpose or industries.You can start gaining from these benefits now by contacting the Press Release Jet team now.

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