Payentry Time Management Quickly Becoming a Leader in the Industry

Press Release updated: Oct 20, 2017 12:00 EDT

MPAY announced earlier this week that the company’s recent enhancements to the time management product offering will greatly improve the employer experience. Highlights to the existing time management system include calendar creation simplification, enhanced policies, and access to a common login page.

Since the launch of MPAY’s time keeping product Sept 1, 2012, employers have had the ability to manage their workforce through the Payentry portal. Both employees and employers gain quick and easy access to reports and time keeping functions which has resulted in improved compliance and data accessibility.

The calendar integration simplifies the scheduling of future payroll periods captured in the time management system. The system now automatically produces future calendar dates based on the pre-determined schedule, saving time and errors in data entry.

“This architectural change sets the stage for future rule and policy enhancements.”

Michael Champa, Director of Product Delivery

Policies and Rules have been reorganized to allow the expansion of policies including (but not limited to) overtime, rounding and infractions. Implementing this change allows users the ability to quickly access specific policies and easily make changes. “This architectural change sets the stage for future rule and policy enhancements” shared Director of Product Delivery, Michael Champa. Holiday rules, for example, are available across pay groups which makes managing a company’s corporate calendar much simpler.

Login pages for companies have been advanced to enable managers and other company users the ability to access their login information from an easy to remember web address, unique to their payroll service provider. This feature will cut down on confusion and customer service inquiries related to forgotten web addresses.  

Employee time tracking continues to gain importance as states implement strict guidelines for working hours, holiday pay and breaks – to name a few. Utilizing a workforce management product that is seamlessly connected to payroll and reporting engines is a no-brainer. MPAY’s software engineering team is continuously reviewing feedback from customers to further enhance system capabilities to bring Payentry Time Management to the next level and provide employers with a product that surpasses the competition in ease of use and functionality.

About MPAY, Inc.

MPAY, Inc. provides payroll and human resource software services to businesses across the United States. MPAY’s flagship product, Payentry, is designed to help employers execute important business tasks related to hiring and onboarding employees, processing payroll and time management, human resources, retirement plans and other features. With locations in Huntersville, North Carolina and Waltham, Massachusetts, MPAY takes pride in its US based staff that is dedicated to providing superior customer service and software designed to help employers hire, employ and retain great people. Find out more about MPAY and Payentry at

Source: MPAY

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