Apartment Boys Rock Houston Galleria

The Apartment Boys made appearances in the Houston, Texas area Saturday October 21st. Six of the “Boys” showed up.

Houston, TX, October 23, 2017 —- Six of the Apartment Boys came to the Houston Galleria for the Social Media motivated event benefiting the Rent-A-Life charity arm that supports poor and orphaned children through a partnership with World Vision. youtu.be/vFsi271PuLc

“It was amazing,” said Antonio Sanchez, Director of Social Media for Dillard Properties and Apartment Boy. “People were following the boys around throughout the Galleria. They were recording them and posting all over a variety of social media platforms.”

The Apartment Boys are the Apartment Boy brand come to life. They make appearances at various events in the five markets the company serves – Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. They help with endorsements for companies and organizations such as Chambers of Commerce. Their trademark is a thumbs up to various companies but they can also show up and give a thumbs down.

“It’s like a living, breathing, real time, in-your-face-Yelper,” said Benjamin Dittman, one of the Apartment Boy licensed Realtors. “We want people to know what we do. We’re proud of what we do and how we do it. What we do is rare.”

Apartment Boy serves the nearly 100,000 inquirers it gets each year in its five Texas cities by helping them find an apartment for free. They help people looking for a place navigate the maze of apps, websites and forms and save their clients time and money and they work for free.

“It’s really amazing,” Sanchez continued. “We then get paid commissions by the properties and we take a portion of that and pay it back in the form of a gift card to almost every single client. We literally work for people for free then pay them for the privilege of having done so.”

Founder Chris Dillard added, “We then take a portion of the commissions and support some of the neediest people on the planet with World Vision. Everyone wins in this deal. Now we want to build a unique brand that is fun, alive, cool and unique to the usual American business process. We believe, in fact, we know, there is a pent up demand for local brand celebrities and regional brand powers. No one is willing to get out of the boat and yet we have this tailor-made Social Media world that is full of citizen journalists all of whom are waiting to pull out their phones and make the next big scoop. We plan to become a perpetual scoop.”

Apartment Boy was founded in 2012 by Chris Dillard in Dallas and is a full service Texas real estate brokerage that focuses on using the Realtor process to help people find apartments, instead of homes. They do this for free, earning commissions from the properties and then paying a portion of the commissions to both their clients and poor and orphaned children.

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