Tillpoint Now Available on the App Store for iOS Devices

New, all encompassing type of business management app available to download.

London, United Kingdom, December 08, 2017 — Available on Monday 4th December 2017, the app Tillpoint is the world’s first MBMA (Modular Business Management Application), a category created to describe the app as it cannot be defined by existing classifications. Tillpoint contains a system of over twenty dedicated modules, each specifically designed to manage a single area of business. The app was built with the purpose of optimising business operation, minimising costs and maximising efficiency in all areas.

The app has been in development for over 3 years, created by experts in the fields of business, computer programming and design. Unlike many of the business apps currently on the market, Tillpoint is not restricted in its capacity to perform more than one function. Many business owners today are paying for multiple apps, some of which are very expensive, in order to run their business; one for accounting, another for invoicing, another for timesheet management, something else for their POS and so on. Attempting to integrate all these applications, developed by numerous companies for various purposes, can be highly problematic in terms of speed, reliability, client support and security. Different programming techniques, infrastructure, updates, database formats, servers, etc. can all prevent an application from running seamlessly.

Each module contained within Tillpoint can be thought of as an individual app, all interconnected and working under the same framework. Business owners need only use the modules they require and are under no obligation to use them all. This was done for the purpose of convenience and scalability – in the event your business experiences rapid growth, simply start using more modules, as and when required. Due to this design, Tillpoint is suitable for any sized business, from sole traders all the way up to enterprise. With the extremely high level of customisation, Tillpoint can be tailored with ease to meet the requirements of any business, particularly in the industries of service, hospitality and retail.

Tillpoint is available to download for free on the app store in the UK and is free to use for 6 months (Limited offer on Lite plan only, with 30 days free trial on all other plans). Requires iOS 8 or later and the newer models of iPad are recommended.

Visit the Tillpoint website for further information: https://www.tillpoint.com

About Tillpoint Enterprise Ltd: Tillpoint Enterprise Ltd is a startup company based in London, United Kingdom. Founded in 2012, Tillpoint has been focused on creating a mobile solution for all-encompassing business management.

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