Southern California Private Tours to Offer Customized “Spring Break” Disneyland VIP Tours to Guests Visiting the Disneyland Resort in Southern California.

Southern California Private Tours announces the addition of customized “spring break” Disneyland VIP Tours for guests visiting the Disneyland Resort in Southern California during the traditional spring break holiday.

Anaheim, CA, January 13, 2018 — Southern California Private Tours, ( the leading private tour company offering exclusive VIP Tours of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, announced that it has developed and implemented the latest tour offering to its roster of Disneyland VIP Tours & California Adventure VIP Tours at The Disney Resort(s) in Southern California.

Spring break is an important time of year for those guests who have family members attending a primary or secondary learning institution. The pause during this time of year, a time to be spent with family & friends, is an important period to refresh and savor special experiences surrounded by those closest to one's self.

The management at Southern California Private Tours spent much time researching what is most important to its guests during this special time of year. It has developed Disneyland VIP Tours that cater to guests visiting the Disneyland Resort during the spring break season. Disneyland VIP spring break tours take into consideration the general preferences of spring break guests, as well as the time constraints they face with the specific holiday window they experience.

These tours are now part of the many included offerings made available to Southern California Private Tours guests.

This commitment to increased and added services further compliments the already renowned service and commitment its employees provide to guests booking its Disneyland VIP Tours.

Guests wishing to partake in a Disneyland VIP Tour with Southern California Private Tours, are encouraged to contact the Tour Desk at 866-848-1870, or by email at [email protected]

About Southern California Private Tours:
Southern California Private Tours is the premier private tour company offering private VIP Tours of both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure at the Disney Resort in Southern California. Since 2009 it has been at the forefront of providing true VIP experiences to its guests. Its clientele includes film, television, and music studios, celebrities, musicians, royal families, and high-net-worth individuals. Its management plays a critical role in ensuring that high standards of service are maintained and that guest experience remains paramount.

Contact Information:
Southern California Private Tours
Tom McNabb
Telephone: 866-848-1870 USA & Canada
Email: [email protected]

Southern California Private Tours is not affiliated with Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, or The Walt Disney Company.

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