Move Buddies’ Recent 5 Star Feedback Show How A Small Business Can Take A Big Stand On Customer Service


Move Buddies' Team

Move Buddies goes above and beyond in the pursuit of a better move.


Moving houses or business premises is stressful enough, so looking for a moving company you can trust throughout the process is paramount.

Move Buddies is one small moving company that is going above and beyond for their customers to ensure safe and speedy delivery of all household and office goods.

This small professional moving company are a trusted choice for anyone needing to move home or office in Georgia or South Carolina as the recent 5 star feedback on their website shows:

“Move Buddies had better customer service and was a better price than than my previous two moving companies I recently used. The ratio of 3 guys per truck makes everything much faster and the lifting of heavier items easier. They showed up on time and finished before the expected time. I highly recommend Move Buddies.” – Louise from South Carolina, 28 November 2017.

“I needed to move to my new apartment in very short notice. Move Buddies took the job without hesitation. The weather wasn't pretty but they still did everything on time. I didn't know I will move so fast, so nothing was prepared. They did a great work with the packing and the moving, without a single complain about the weather or the 'last minute' call for packaging. Thank you guys for the perfect job!” – Bernard from South Carolina, 14 December 2017.

Move Buddies strives to make every move 100% perfect, relying on stringent quality control, live GPS tracking and cameras so you can rest assured your possessions are delivered safely from A to B.

They are also a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) arbitration program, so any customer disputes that arise are responded to quickly and resolved.

As testament to their high quality customer service, Move Buddies consistently receive the Super Service Award and have earned a top rated badge from Home Advisor.


Move Buddies is a locally owned and operated moving company based in Summerville & Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia. Move Buddies provides a hassle free moving experience with a range of trucks, for both small and large moves. For a friendly moving company recognized for outstanding customer service, hire Move Buddies for all your local and long distance moving needs. Visit the company website to learn more about Move Buddies’ moving solution services:

For more information contact:

Move Buddies
460 King St Suite 200C,
Charleston, SC 29403, USA
(843) 972-9039

Jeremy – customerservice(at)movebuddies(dot)com

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