Kids are Discovering the Exciting New World of Card Building with Kardtects

Kardtects Starter Box Building Card set

kardtects building cards

Card House built from Kardtects Lost Desert Starter Set and Expansion

Kardtects Card Tower

Kardtects Building Cards gives the classic activity of building a card house a modern twist

MILLVILLE, PA, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2017 — Kids across the nation are discovering the exciting world of card building. The company of Kardtects took the classic activity of building a card house and gave it a modern twist. It created a building card system which makes building card houses easier and lots more rewarding than ever before. Now, kids are building castles, jungle huts, temples, pyramids, rocket ships, and so much more, with what Jenny Kile, the founder of Kardtects, declares are the Ultimate Building Cards.

Most of us, as kids, remember trying to build a card house with slippery playing cards. It was a challenging task, but once a card house was built, the feeling of accomplishment was extremely satisfying. Kardtects has made this timeless activity easier by developing cards specifically designed for building card structures.

The award winning Kardtects building cards are unique in size, texture, thickness, and design. The company offers three different starter sets and styles. Kids can build castles with the Grisroc starter set, pyramids with the Lost Desert set, jungle huts with the Forbidden Jungle set, or any other kind of card structure they imagine with any of the sets.

Impressive card landscapes and scenes are being built with Kardtects cards. Kids are creating new worlds out of the cards and having lots of fun doing so. Limitless building fun is inside every box.

The company recently launched a How to Build a Card House video series on their YouTube channel. Watching the videos demonstrates the many types of structures kids can choose to build, and shows kids how to build them. Just like when baking a cake or building with Legos, there are recipes or certain methods to follow for best results, there are simple methods to follow when building a card house with Kardtects. The new video series is showing these.

Kids are realizing building a card house with Kardtects is not difficult and can be very rewarding. Kile says once a child learns how to Lean one card against another card, there is nothing stopping them to build card towers over their heads or card houses to fill entire rooms. They become 'Master Kardtects' (master card architects).

Kardtects provides kids with the ultimate building cards to create incredible structures. They are the new cards in town.

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Kardtects Building Cards
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How to build a card house with Kardtects

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