Jentu Technologies Inc. Announces a Strategic Alliance with AVANT Secure PC to Create Secure Network Servers, End Points and IOT Solutions

The AVANT secure PC combined with Jentu Technologies Appliance are working to provide a new way to manage data efficiently, and eliminate the CyberSecurity risks of malware. An inexpensive solution (TCO) compared to today’s multi-million dollar cyber breach losses.

Toronto, Canada, November 12, 2017 — Jentu and AVANT secure PC have announced an alliance aimed for immediate availability of both Jentu Technologies Diskless Computing Appliance along with AVANT’s hardware-protected servers, ready for deployment in the most secure conditions, as a secure addition to VDI, standard desktop deployment and centralized management.

AVANT secure PC provides hardware-only system drive protected servers, desktops and laptops. Once configured, the operating system boots in a locked state, where only the system owner can make changes to the system OS or Applications software and program configurations. The AVANT secure server requires a physical 2048-bit key to authorize the operating system or program changes. By performing a simple system reboot, AVANT secure PC eliminates advanced persistent threats (APTs) that can compromise the security of an individual system or in conjunction with Jentu the entire organization.

Key elements of the combined products include:

Security and Business Continuity

– Hardware secure servers have no hardware signatures or device drivers
– No “program or OS” running on the host can detect, reconfigure, or disable the AVANT hardware security technology.
– No “programs or OS” can detect, reconfigure, disable or infect a JENTU endpoint, Also, writing to the JENTU deployed workstations is not possible unless authorized
– Both AVANT and JENTU allow for companies to use software after support ends (e.g. WinXP)
– Both AVANT and JENTU do not require a database of known malware to operate
– Utilizing JENTU, one secure read-only golden drive image, per endpoint group
– Both AVANT and JENTU allow you to deploy any OS
– No persistent data storage at any point – data is stored and secured centrally
– Reboot to restore any server or workstation to the golden image
– No malware residue upon reboot to golden image
– No loss of data upon endpoint theft
– Risk free OS and application patches, updates and upgrades to all groups
– Jentu addresses 19 of 20 SANS Security Controls
– By utilizing Jentu, you get instant Cyber breach mitigation – a missing critical control
– With AVANT and JENTU, new compliance guidelines will need to be created
– No provisioning to unauthorized ID
– Simplified and effective network segregation, segmentation and disaggregated security
– High availability, ALB, Round Robin and server replication available
– Easily connects to all technologies and allows replication and deployment

Operational Efficiencies – Low TCO and immediate ROI

– Jentu acts as master image repository for OS and applications
– Multi-location and multi-floor management with advanced web based management panel
– Lowered TCO through simplified and streamlined configuration, delivery, maintenance and management of OS and applications
– Desk-side support calls reduced by more than > 70%
– PC’s, servers and endpoints can be instantly reconfigured upon reboot
– End user transparency – no workflow disruption when pushing out updates
– Risk free software rollout – instant rollback to previous working image, no downtime in case of a bad patch or update
– Deployments, upgrades, updates no longer require long planning/implementation cycle
– Low cost hardware server requirements
– Increase in PC lifespan by over 300% and extend your equipment value to over 10 years.


– Non-virtualized desktops benefit from the full desktop processing power and the ability to virtualize at the endpoint
– Latency and lag free operations for all endpoints and servers
– Jentu has built in adaptive acceleration for 20X increased network performance
– Jentu increase IOPS with a couple of SSD hard drives that can exceed 35,000 IOPS (Tested using IOMeter v1.1.0) Test performed was 88 thread users, running 4K block read and 4k verify, 100% sequential, 100% write and applied it to all 88 workers.

About AVANT secure PC
AVANT secure PC was established and officially launched in May 2016 from Huntsville, AL. AVANT founded with the ambition of protecting and defence of critical infrastructure sectors, by adding a hardware layer of security to the ever-growing list of software solutions. By deploying computing systems with the AVANT hardware security technology, organizations can now effectively combat the growing threat of remote and insider cyber threats.

About Jentu Technologies
Jentu Technologies is a Toronto Canada based technology company that has developed a secure diskless streaming solution that eliminates the risks of malware in any operation and reduces operational costs of managing desktops by up to 90%.

For more information, press only:
Address: 300 Supertest Rd. Unit #5, Toronto, Ontario, M3J 2M2
Email: [email protected] or

Adam S. Raper, Vice President/Marketing
AVANT Solutions Group, LLC dba AVANT secure PC
Huntsville, AL
United States of America
Tel: +1 (571) 215-4151
Email: [email protected]

Abraham S. Megidish CEO/CTO
Jentu Technologies, Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, M3J 2M2
Tel: +1 (647) 891-7771
Email: [email protected]

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