Elision Announced Skill based Routing with Agent Ranking feature in Contact Center Software

December 08, 2017 – Elision Technolab LLP is an Indian IT company. The company is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The company has been offering a range of IT services to its local and international customers for more than a decade. One of the most popular VoIP solutions offered by the company is the Contact Center Solution. The company offers an omnichannel contact center product, called, Dialshree. Also, the company offer customization and custom development for open source call center software, VICIDial. Along with these solutions, the company offers custom call center software development according to business need of any company. Recently, the spokesperson of the company has introduced 2 new features for call center solutions. These features are “Skill based call routing” and “Agent Rank”.

“Any call center or customer care center needs these two features to deliver the best customer support. An automated solution to ensure that each call is handed over to the most skilled agent is available in terms of these two features. In our contact center solution: Dialshree, these two features are integrated as advanced modules to ensure our customers have the modern day call center solution. We can also develop custom modules for these two features for any call center software, which can be an open source or custom software developed by a third party developer.”, shared the spokesperson of the Elision Technolab LLP.

On the question of how these two features work, the spokesperson of the company explained that the system will allocate a rank to each agent based on his overall performance, skills, experience and other predefined criteria. Each time an incoming call is received by the contact center software, the system will look for the most skilled agent based on the nature of the call and route the call to that agent. In case, if that agent is busy on another call, then the call will be routed to the next most suitable agent to handle the call. This process is known as “Skill based call routing”. As mentioned earlier, the ranks given to agents are known as “Agent Rank”.

“These two features can be a boon for any call center or customer support center which is handling inbound calls. If you will read the statistics and survey results, more than 70% callers feel that the agent was not having enough skills or knowledge to handle their call. This actually turns the table against the call center or a customer care center because they fail to deliver a good customer experience. This happens because a majority of call center software uses different algorithms to assign a call to the agent which are not effective. On the contrary, the skill based routing ensures to handle the call to the most skilled agent. Thus the best experience can be delivered.”, shared the spokesperson of the Elision Technolab LLP.

About Elision Technolab LLP
The company is more popularly known as Elisiontec and operates from its headquarter in India. The company has been offering VoIP products and solutions to its customers for many years. The company also offers hardware to Indian clients along with the service of installation and setup of the company VoIP ecosystem by adherence of the law. To learn more about the company, please visit http://www.elisiontec.com/contact-center-solution


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